Whats the Difference Between a Family and General Dentist?

The Dentistry Field Offers A Number of Specialized Services For Patients

You may be wondering what the difference is between a general dentist and a family dentist. Here are a few specifics to help you determine the right dentist for your needs. According to the Comprehensive Dentist video, all dentists must go through education that includes an undergraduate bachelor’s degree and four years of dental school. After completing these requirements, they may continue on with additional, specialized training.

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What Does a General Dentist Do?

General dentists provide a wide range of services for patients, including teeth cleaning, cavity filling, crowns, tooth removal, veneers and other treatments. They generally work with adult patients, although some dentists may also treat teens.

What Does A Family Dentist Do?

Family dentists are trained to deal with a broader age range of patients than general dentists. They are experienced in handling the needs of young children, who may have special problems regarding tooth development and accidents that may damage teeth. Family dentists also handle the treatment of older individuals, who may have specific needs related to aging and the wearing of dentures.

Choose the Dental Specialty That’s Right For You

In your community, a variety of dental professionals are available to provide the care you need to achieve an attractive and healthy smile. Seek out a dentist that suits your needs and schedule regular visits, so you can avoid many of the dental problems that can occur.

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