What to Know About Getting Braces

Getting braces was once a symbol of awkwardness captured forever in high school yearbooks. Not anymore! Getting braces has turned into a fun right of passage for middle schoolers with the introduction of fun band colors, fun hashtags and in many cases the removal of braces long before senior pictures. Here are some things to know about braces.

The Cost
The cost of braces varies widely depending on how severely your teeth are misaligned, the economy in your local area, the type of braces you choose, and whether your dentist also has to perform other related treatments–like an extraction or palate expansion.

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In general, the more serious your misalignment, the more you’ll pay for braces.

The Procedure
Before you panic, take note that the discomfort associated with braces is usually quite mild, and you can manage it just as easily as you can manage a scraped knee or a mild headache. The worst pain usually is felt on the days just after your braces are applied, and after you have the wires tightened.


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