Dentists Explain The Truth Behind Teeth Cleanings

There are a lot of questions and myths revolving around teeth cleaning, and the best way to get straightforward answers is from dentists themselves! This video touches on the most common truths you want to know before going for your routine teeth cleaning.

How Do I Respond?

Many times, dentists will talk to you during your check-up, as a way to keep you relaxed and remind you that this is a friendly environment. You can make affirming sounds in response, but never move your head or grab your dentist’s hand or arm, as you could get very hurt.

Can You Share Toothbrushes?

You should never share toothbrushes because that is how bacteria is transferred. Even with your significant other, you should avoid this because cavities can be spread through sharing a toothbrush.

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What Foods Dye Teeth?

Any foods that will stain clothes, will stain your teeth over time. Coffee, tea, spaghetti sauce, and smoking are all prominent suspects of teeth discoloration. Drinking through a straw and brushing right after consumption will reduce these risks.

This video contains many more answers to all the frequently asked questions of dentists. To find out more, watch along as these three dentists uncover the truth behind teeth cleanings.


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