What to Expect from Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign is the brand-new invisible aligner that does the same things as braces. But why not use braces? Is it a good choice to get Invisalign for teenagers? Below, some of your questions will be answered.

With Invisalign and braces, teenagers are at the perfect age to get their teeth aligned. Because they are still growing, their teeth are still shifting in their mouth.

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This allows Invisalign or braces to redirect that movement where you want your teeth to go instead of their current trajectory. As the teeth are realigned, the final movement of the aligned teeth will register as their trajectory of choice, and they will be less likely to move later on.

Invisalign is, in fact, better for teens. Because of the hormonal imbalances, teenagers go through, being embarrassed about having braces is highly likely to hurt their self-esteem. With Invisalign, they are less likely to be self-conscious of this due to the invisible nature of Invisalign. When no one can see them, why be embarrassed by them?

Whether you are looking for braces or Invisalign for your teen, your local orthodontist will be able to help move you and your teen in the right direction.


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