What Is the Difference Between Braces and Clear Braces?

Receiving a braces treatment can be a confusing and scary time, especially for children. Having the option for clear braces is a great choice for some children, who don’t want their braces to be seen. But what is the difference between clear braces and metal braces?

Clear braces manage to serve the same purpose as metal braces, and ultimately are able to achieve the same results with no change in the time to do so. They are made of tooth-colored porcelain or plastic, allowing them to be mostly hidden against the teeth.

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They have the same brackets and wire shape so from certain angles, they will be somewhat visible.

Because they are not made of metal, however, they will be unable to perform exactly as metal braces will. The lack of durability will make them inefficient for some of the more severe orthodontic cases in children. Metal braces have the durability and the capability to fix the more severe orthodontic cases that may be present in your child’s mouth.

If you are considering braces for your child, contact your local orthodontist and speak to them about getting a consultation today. They will be able to inform you if clear braces are an option for your child.


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