What to Expect From a Childrens Dentist

Bringing a child to a dentist can be a scary time for them. Keeping them calm and making sure they stay still while the dentist inspects their teeth can be even worse. Luckily, there are some great ways to prepare your child for the scary experience of a dental cleaning and checkup.

Prepare your child by explaining that a dentist will not hurt them. The scary thing about a dentist is the metal tools they scrap against your teeth, and a child may react poorly to this.

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Tell them that their teeth will start to hurt if they don’t allow the dentist to properly clean their teeth. Most pediatric dentists are trained in keeping children calm and still while they perform their work, so this will be something that the dentist is able to echo in their work.

Make sure your child knows that teeth are parts of their body that needs maintenance. Tell them that a dentist’s job is to make sure your child is keeping their teeth clean properly. They will be able to look at their dentist as a professional that way, rather than as a threat to their teeth.

Teach your child that pediatric dentists are nothing to be scared of to make their dental visits much smoother!


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