What You Need To Know About Orthodontics

Before you get started with orthodontics, you may have a lot of questions about the treatment you’ll receive. If you’re in need of orthodontic aligners, here are some things you need to know about braces!


The process of actually applying braces doesn’t hurt, but it is common to experience discomfort during the initial stages of the treatment. Eating soft foods and rinsing with salt water will alleviate soreness.


Braces are traditionally bonded to the teeth one at a time, but not all practices follow the exact same process.

Length of Treatment

Everyone is different when it comes to how long they will have their braces. The severity of the misalignment is the number one determining factor of the length of your treatment.

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Soft foods will be your best friend during your orthodontic treatment. You should avoid sticky and chewy foods, and cut your food into smaller pieces so your brackets are less likely to break from chewing large pieces.


You should still have your routine dental check-ups at your normal dentist’s office during this process. Maintaining proper oral hygiene habits is essential for overall health, even when you’re seeing an orthodontist.

If you want to learn more about what to expect with orthodontics, follow along with the video or contact a provider near you!

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