Understanding Your Braces Treatment

Crooked teeth cause many issues such as excessive wear and tear of teeth, speech impediments, gum disease, bad breath, and self-esteem issues. Braces treatment is the most common one used to straighten teeth. A good orthodontist will recommend the correct treatment for you.

It’s important to understand how braces work before undergoing treatment. On the day you get braces, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and polished.

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A special adhesive is applied on each tooth to glue the bracket on each tooth. A wire is then placed through each bracket and secured with rubber bands, which can be of a color of your choice.

To get the teeth to move into the desired position, the wire is attached in certain ways, using ligatures, elastics, or boxes. Other devices may be used to gently move a tooth in a certain way, such as micro screws, and traction elastics. Depending on how crooked the teeth are, braces are combined with other devices such as headgear, expanders, springs, and others to resolve the issue.

Everyone’s braces treatment is different. It all depends on the condition of your teeth and jaws. But rest assured, it’s the right step toward straight teeth and a lovely smile.


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