What Different Rooms are There in an Orthodontist Office?

Check out orthodontist offices and you’ll find many different rooms and facilities. Once you walk through the door, you’ll likely be greeted by a receptionist’s desk. Here, you can often check in, ask questions, arrange appointments, and more. Frequently, access to the actual reception office is a bit limited but there is usually a service window or counter.

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Nearby, you’ll likely find a lounge room, or waiting room, as it’s often called. This room will typically contain chairs, coffee tables, and sometimes toys for kids, televisions, and other things to keep folks young and old entertained. It’s important for dental practices to get the waiting room right. Comfortable guests tend to be happy guests and happy guests are more likely to return and recommend a practice to friends. Consider installing large windows to let in light, setting up green plants to offer a more natural feel, and other amenities.

You’ll also want to make patient treatment rooms as comfortable as possible. Some folks may be intimidated by the dentist. A comfortable patient is often a patient who is easier to treat. This is true for kids and adults alike. At the end of the day, orthodontist offices should put guests and their well-being first.


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