Is Dental Practice Ownership Worth It?

It’s no secret that dental and orthodontist offices are extremely important businesses in not only our world, but our everyday lives as well. Excellent oral care is a key player in everyone’s overall health, so these professionals play a special role in improving our world. If you’re a professional dentist or orthodontist, there are a few options of how you can run or work in a practice. First, you can work as an assistant and have flexibility regarding which established business or dental group you choose to join and work at.

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However, you could also own your own dental practice! This video dives into whether or not the investment in buying your very own dental practice is worth it. Here are a few factors to consider.

Obviously, finances play a huge role into whether owning your own practice is a sustainable choice for you in your current career path. Real estate and available office spaces also come into play here. Which equipment would you practice need to run its best? How much staffing would you need to accommodate your current client base? Is there accessibility for all sorts of bodies and people into your space, and how does the parking situation look? Most dental professionals look at all of these factors and determine that owning their own practice isn’t a wise idea in our early 2023 financial environment.


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