Tips for an Orthodontic Office Setting Up a Free Outdoor Clinic

Have you been tasked with setting up your orthodontic office’s first outdoor clinic and don’t know where to start? Attending their first orthodontic appointment can be nerve-wracking for many when they don’t know what to expect. The YouTube video is a great example of educational content you can play at your outdoor clinic to give patients an idea of what they can expect when attending it!

Video Source

Setting Up Your Clinic

Find a location, as this is the most important step, and determine if the location has the necessary facilities and amenities, such as a bathroom and power supply. A porta potty rental in Fayetteville, NC may serve you with rental units that can be set up around our clinic to cater to patients’ needs while they wait for service. Additionally, you could offer free WiFi to visiting patients.

You may be required to get the permits to set up your outdoor clinic. This can be obtained from the local government office. Other factors to consider are health and hygiene, patient education, setting up equipment and supplies, and getting the word out about the outdoor clinic.

The final step is recruiting and training volunteers to work in the outdoor clinic and incorporating necessary safety measures and protocols while working. These steps should help to ensure a successful event.

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