Are Braces Worth It?

The question has been around since their introduction into the dental industry: are braces worth it? That is also what the attached video asked, and the answers might be a little surprising to some of you. The primary culprit for the question is not the number of visits, fittings, and how long it takes for these dental devices to perform their tasks. No, the biggest pain point regarding braces is the expense. And that is where the real question arises.

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How much are they worth? How much is a smile worth? How expensive does it have to be before it becomes more about vanity? No, these aren’t necessarily questions that have easy answers or answers that are black and white, but it does beg the question, are braces worth it?

Braces indeed have a cosmetic benefit, but they also do much more than that. Did you know that these aligners help prevent the chance of developing cracked or broken teeth? Were you aware that they can promote healthy teeth and help protect against gum disease? They can, and there’s more.

The verdict is in, and the answer is yes, braces are worth it. So, we might as well bite the bullet (pun intended), and make an appointment to see our dentist.

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